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Case Study

Enhanced Customer Outcomes by Harnessing AMI Data in Australia

Nucleus3 and South East Water Case Study


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Customer Engagement

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth—hot, prone to drought and one of the highest consumers of fresh water. It has more than 140 water authorities serving over 25 million people, the population has lived through substantial periods of drought. By being able to engage their usage, people can adapt how they actively shift their water usage household behaviors.

Engaging with AMI connected smart utility customers, through AMI metering and via the GreenBe platform, Australian utilities are engaging with the customer on a holistic level.


Nucleus3 approached with a small sample group of customers, using the data through digital metering and via the GreenBe portal in order to engage with the customer to change their view of water. We communicated with the customer on a one to one basis if we identified a home leak or identified an appliance that consumes a high volume of water. The data used allowed us to create personalised water efficiency campaigns and challenge customers to reduce their water consumption, as well as allow customers to track and analyse consumption data to ensure a reduction bill shock or concern.


The above approaches were engaged directly via either various forms of communications delivery models and this behavior was rewarded with either account rebates or Community Benefits – a voucher was issued allowing you to spend in your local community.


Utilities such as Australia’s South East Water using GreenBe’s customer solution are helping customers reduce water consumption by 21% (approximately 40L per day) compared to non-application users. Now they can see their day to-day data and connect it to their recent activities, like doing laundry or watering the garden. The platform along with AMI data empowers consumers to make water and money saving choices about when and how they use water daily.

Demand management programs can also be deployed for select water customers demonstrating how utilities can influence usage via gamification, incentives, and social norming for layering behavioral demand management on top of AMI data. Essentially, by measuring customers’ data, and tracking engagement leading smart water utilities such as South East Water can show customers where they’re using more than they should and better manage water as a critical resource.

Key Customer Outcomes:

  • Identifying residential leaks
  • Identifying residential appliance(s) which have consumed a high volumes of water during operation
  • Engaging in highly personalised water efficiency ‘challenges’ to reduce household daily water consumption
  • Allowing customers to track and analyse consumption data to ensure a reduction in bill shock or concern
  • Harnessing gamification via a built in points and rewards engine to earn badges and digital gift card rewards to drive hard to power behavior change
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