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Case Study

Predicting Lead Service Line Replacement in Detroit

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department partners with BlueConduit to proactively locate and replace lead service lines.



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BlueConduit has definitely taken us to the next level to save money and to be more efficient and accelerate our programme.

– Bryan Peckinpaugh, Public Affairs Director, Detroit Water & Sewerage Department

Detroit Water & Sewerage Department launched the Lead Service Line Replacement Programme in 2018. As a city of single-family homes, there are a lot of individual lead service lines, more than any city in the state of Michigan. The original estimate of lead service lines back in 2018, was about 120,000.


The city would have to dig up every three hundred-and-some-thousand stop boxes in the City of Detroit and would have to increase their rates in order to accommodate that cost.


By working with BlueConduit and the predictive modeling system, the city was able to save that cost and have no impact on the rate. BlueConduit opened our eyes to all these data points so that the city could be more cost-effective, faster for the replacements, and more efficient. The Kresge Foundation was able to match The Rockefeller Foundation gift in order to fully fund the partnership with BlueConduit, leading to no impact on the budget and no impact on water bills.


Now having been able to hone in on the data through the BlueConduit work, so far the City of Detroit has gone from 120,000 estimated lead service lines to 80,000.

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