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Please include a one-line description of your case study. Max 20-30 words.
Please list keywords related to the case study. Optimally, this will show at a glance what topics this case study covers.
One paragraph outlining the local context for the case study/project. Please include relevant information about the geography, population and size of the market (small scale, large scale, etc.). We recommend being as specific as possible to provide clear information for readers. Max 50 words.
We recommend including bullet points to highlight specific challenges the project is addressing. Max 100 Words.
Please describe the solution(s) used. Please avoid a sale pitch in explaining your solution and instead highlight the solution used specifically to address the challenges you previously outlined. If possible, include how your solution impacts Return on Investment (ROI). Max 100 Words.
Include one testimonial, including the name of the utility customer. Max 70 words.
Please list 2-4 direct outcomes (environmental, regulatory, financial, organisational, social, etc.) of this project/case study in bullet point form below. If available, include ROI and financial figures.
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Please include up to two high resolution images relevant to your case study that we can use on the website (not graphics/charts). Please ensure that the images provided are copyrighted and that SWAN can use freely, preferably landscape views of the area, etc. Ideal dimensions: 1920x1080px. If no images are available, SWAN will utilise licensed stock photos.

Optional questions:
Examples: Pilot, operational, completed, etc. We also invite you to include a year.
We invite you to include price ranges.

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