Electro Scan, Inc.

Electro Scan Inc. develops and markets machine-intelligent pipeline condition assessment equipment for pressurised water mains, sewer force mains, wastewater, and stormwater pipelines. The company’s products & services find & measure water leaks in GPM or LPS (AWWA M77), locates sources of infiltration & certifies repairs as watertight (ASTM F2550), and identifies lead service lines for replacement. Established to address climate change, its solutions replace legacy acoustic sensors and visual CCTV cameras to automatically locate defects not heard or seen, including full-length 360-degree pipe wall assessment using its tethered-based alternating current (AC) low voltage technology. Electro Scan was founded in 2011.

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1745 Markston RD
Sacramento, CA 95825 USA

Chuck Hansen
Chairman & CEO

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