Global Water Works

Global Water Works bridges siloed water orgs, connecting people, process and technology to solve the global water crisis in this generation. Our 2,000 members in 90+ countries and all of the United States are creating impact around the globe. Lead a journey in the community or join a group to digitise water utilities, clean up lakes, treat and access water, detect and stop water main breaks and much much more. You will discover:

  • The largest searchable tech showcase in water
  • Experts “near you” or focused on topics you are addressing
  • A global events calendar for continuing education and networking
  • Facilitated collaborations
  • 24/7 availability
  • Impromptu chats, wikis and conversations
  • Groups around special interests to support ongoing dialogue on water solutions.

204 Acorn Ln
Chicago, IL 60185 USA

Mary Conley Eggert
Executive Director

SWAN Members may view email address.