Tigernix is a specialised technology solution enabler for asset-dependent industrial practitioners. We provide advanced infrastructure solutions powered by Digital Twin, AI, IIoT, Simulation, Predictive Analytics, Satellite-based Remote Sensing and more to enable software stacks to control, manage, utilise and maintain infrastructure and mechanical assets. Our technologies mainly offer services to 4 main industrial domains: Water Utility Industry, Wastewater Utility Industry, Transportation Industry and Mechanical System-based Industries. Tigernix offers solutions and expert consultancy services to guide your fixed-asset-intensive organisation on how to prolong the lifetime of your physical assets, dodge impending risks and mitigate the impacts of future threats under a single screen.

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Level 54, One One One Eagle Street, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia

Mayoorathen Muthukumaralingam
Marketing Manager

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