Community of Practice: Energy Efficiency

Supporting water and wastewater utilities to advance their short and long-term energy goals.

Why Energy Efficiency?

Water and energy are interrelated at many different levels, you cannot touch one without impacting the other such as through asset management, leak reduction, or process optimisation. Energy typically takes about 1/3 of total cost of operation for water utilities with about 90% of energy dedicated to pumping and 60–70% for wastewater treatment. This figure can be much higher as energy prices are rising globally impacting the financial stability of water and wastewater operators. Thus, increasing energy efficiency is essential, both in the short-term and as part of utilities’ roadmap to reduce their carbon footprint, which digital solutions can play a vital role in helping utilities meet these challenges.

CoP Leadership:  

Americas/Europe: Carmen de Miguel, Strategic Marketing Manager, Water & Wastewater Segment (Schneider Electric)

Darren Coleman, System Performance Manager (Anglian Water)

Asia-Pacific: Thomas Debruyne, APAC Future of Water – Technology Integration Lead (GHD)

CoP Structure:

Within this Community of Practice (CoP), we will take a collaborative approach towards energy efficiency, bringing together the needs and insights from utilities with the skills and knowledge of technology providers, consultants, research centers to foster innovation on a global level. Join us to share about utility challenges, priorities, and best practices on quarterly calls as well as develop practical outputs (e.g. surveys, use cases, white papers) to guide other utilities.

Our primary focus will be on energy efficiency & decarbonisation (e.g. power management, pump and treatment process optimisation, energy mix management), also touching upon the transversal topics of water conservation (water loss), resilience (energy availability), and circularity (energy recovery).

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