Community of Practice: Interoperable Utility Group

Revolutionising the water sector with interoperability and asset data

What is the Interoperable Utility Group?

A collaborative effort of global, SWAN utilities working together to address the challenges faced by the water sector. Our mission is to develop a digital ecosystem that supports interoperable applications and consistent asset data structures, simplifying digital solution adoption and procurement for water utilities worldwide. By focusing on asset data structure and interoperability reference architecture, we aim to create a more flexible, innovative, and efficient water sector.


The Interoperable Utility Group aims to:

  1. Initiate discussions on simplifying digital technology adoption and procurement for the global water sector.
  2. Develop best practices in asset data properties, reference data accessibility architecture, and digital solution adoption and procurement.
  3. Test agreed-upon best practices through multiple proof of concepts (PoCs) and refine them as necessary.
  4. Unlock the water sector’s digitalisation for more efficient and sustainable solutions, benefiting both global citizens and nature.

Proof of Concepts (PoCs)

The Interoperable Utility Group believes in a hands-on approach to developing best practices. We plan to conduct multiple PoCs on key cloud services, such as AWS and Azure, to test the learnings from our collaborative efforts. These PoCs will provide valuable insights, allowing us to refine our best practices and ensure that the water sector’s digitalisation is unlocked effectively.

CoP Leadership:

The Group is guided by a steering committee comprising:

    • Andy Smith, Anglian Water
    • Darren Coleman, Anglian Water
    • Agnethe Pedersen, VCS Denmark
    • Jennifer Rebeiro, Greater Western Water
    • Gigi Karmous-Edwards, SWAN Ambassador

    We invite SWAN Members to join us on this groundbreaking project.
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