Our Values

Get to know what drives SWAN and inspires our team and community.

As an organisation, SWAN aspires to be a foundational pillar of advancement of smart water solutions globally. Though collaboration with our members representing multiple regions and industries, we provide a space for all those interested in smart water to discuss, create, innovate, and solve the ever-pressing issues facing utilities today.

Vision – To drive the efficiency, resilience, and sustainability of global water systems.

Mission – To increase awareness and accelerate the adoption of smart, data-driven solutions in water, wastewater, and stormwater networks worldwide by bringing like-minded people together.

Our Values:

At SWAN, we know that to be innovative that we must continuously strive for growth through three pillars:

1. Contagious Collaboration

With over 250 Members from six continents (we’re working on Antarctica), SWAN inspires people from all industries, levels and backgrounds to converse, create and collaborate. These interactions fuel the impact of the smart water sector and enable more utilities to join the smart water revolution.

2. Passionate Progression

The world is constantly changing, and it is essential for smart water solutions to keep up. At SWAN, we value the innovative, aspirational, and data-driven progression that enable smart water solutions to best address the pressing issues faced by utilities today.

3. Serious Fun

Providing consistent value for our members and the Smart Water Ecosystem (while enjoying what we do) is the basis of all our work at SWAN. Fun inspires our members to innovate the sector, advance solutions, and drive the world towards a better, stronger data-driven future.