Event May 24, 2022

1st SWAN Data-as-a-Service Workshop

Part of the SWAN 12th Annual Conference in Washington, DC

Within the water sector, Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) is an emerging, innovative business model applied to both water and wastewater operations with utilities outsourcing the operation and maintenance of different core services to outside private companies.

​The concept of “servitization” is well-proven in the manufacturing sector and to begin the Workshop, we heard a keynote presentation from Tim Baines, the leading international authority on servitization. The Workshop also featured a global panel with diverse DaaS case studies, as well as interactive roundtable sessions based on design thinking principles.

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Workshop Introduction

  • Meena Sankaran, Founder & CEO (KETOS)

Virtual Keynote: Servitization: Strategy, Business Models and Decision-Making

  • Tim Baines, Professor of Operations Strategy & Executive Director (Aston University/Advanced Services Group)


Applying DaaS within Water: Real-Life Case Studies

Moderator: Amir Cahn, Executive Director (SWAN Forum)

  • Joana Cassidy, Water Engineer (AGS, Portugal)
  • Bob Flaherty, Director, North America (Trimble Utilities)
  • Stephane Gervais, EVP Strategic Innovation, Partnership & Smart Data (LACROIX Group)

DaaS Workshop Final Prototypes

At the conclusion of the DaaS Workshop, there was a fun shark tank where representatives from each table pitched their prototype and even performed role playing skits. The final prototypes included an “ice cream model,” a Lego design, a decision-star with key metrics, a “Game of Flows” decision support tool, an artistic representation of different data management outcomes, and an actual, functioninal mobile app created in less than an hour.

    Design Thinking Exercise Facilitators


    • GianLuca Rolandelli, Global Product Manager – Smart Water Solutions (ABB) and Reid Campbell, Director, Engineering & Technology Services (Halifax Water, Canada)
    • Joana Cassidy, Water Engineer (AGS, Portugal) and Amir Cahn, Executive Director (SWAN Forum)
    • Danie Kotzé, Managing Executive: SAMS (Mezzanine) and Neil Tumber, Relationship Manager (The Advanced Services Group)
    • Fionn Boyle, Program Manager (Anglian Water Services, UK)
    • Tertius Rust, Head of AMI and Digital Transformation (City of Cape Town, South Africa)
    • Steen Jakobsen, Business Architect (VCS Denmark)
    • Patrick McGowan, CEO & Founder (The Service Design Group)

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