Event Sept. 7-8, 2023

8th Annual California Water Data Summit

SWAN led a Workshop at the 2023 CA Water Data Summit focused on “Intelligent Questioning (IQ): Sharing Water Wisdom”


Dates: September 7-8, 2023

Location: Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Register for the Sept. 7th SWAN Workshop on “From Data Alignment to Data Enlightenment: Asking the Right Foundational Questions.”


Join the premier event for water data enthusiasts at the 8th Annual California Water Data Summit, bringing together water managers, researchers, innovators, and policymakers to share insights and best practices on how to use data to address the complex challenges facing the water sector.

The agenda featured a keynote from Jennifer Arias, Total Rewards & Data Analytics Manager (Valley Water) on “Moving from Workforce Resilience to Operational Resilience.”

Interactive Roundtables

  • “How can we better organize utility wastewater data?” Hosted by Ori Reshef, VP Product Marketing (Kando) & John Shaw, Digital Solutions Director (Clean Water Services)
  • “How can data enable more sustainable groundwater management?” Hosted by Michael Gardner, Co-Founder & CEO (Aqaix) & Ava Lazor, Groundwater Resources Hydrogeologist (Alameda County Water District)
  • “How can GIS and SCADA be integrated to streamline smart water?” Hosted by Alan Hudson, US Sales Manager (VTScada)
  • “What are the top 3 issues keeping utilities up at night?” Hosted by Christine Zheng, Briana Mercuri, & John Nguyen, Engineering Associates (LADWP)
  • “How can Utilities, Engineering Firms and Technology Providers Make Digital Solutions Affordable for Utilities of all Sizes?” Hosted by Catherine Curtis, Competency Based Training System (CBTS) Lead and Workforce Specialist (SFPUC) & Jim Cooper, Global Director for Water Optimization (Arcadis)
  • What are the top ‘must-have’ Digital Skills to Enable Resilient Digital Transformation?” Hosted by Jade Pereira, Water Resources Engineer (Jacobs)

Featured SWAN Members: