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Wastewater Treatment Plant 4.0 Energy Savings in Madrid

Canal de Isabel II reduces its energy consumption by over 15% and CO₂ emissions by over 10%.


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Acciona was contracted to manage and service 15 of the Canal de Isabel II water treatment plants. Canal de Isabel II is responsible for the management of the integrated water cycle in practically the entire region of Madrid. They sought a solution that made their wastewater treatment plants more efficient and sustainable. Acciona contacted Siemens to meets all the company’s requirements: versatile, simple and effective installation.


Energy is one of the most significant costs for a water treatment plant, which operates continuously. To achieve this, it is crucial to adopt technology that can reduce energy consumption while simultaneously guaranteeing maximum operating efficiency for the equipment used.


Digital technology can present a number of advantages for water treatment plants such as collecting and analysing information from equipment and provide suggestions on how to improve the facility as a whole. Canal de Isabel II employed Siemens digital solution, Energy Manager Pro (EnMPRO) to manage energy efficiently. The technology is used to recompile and process data sent by hundreds of systems to the EnMPRO cloud server. The processed information can then be analysed in a simple and intuitive way using any device on which the Siemens Energy Manager app has been installed.


  • Comprehensive overview of energy consumption: EnMPRO provides Canal de Isabel II with energy consumption data for every stage of the process. This is used to optimise processes to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Total energy transparency: The goal of total energy transparency for water treatment plants can now be met thanks to EnMPRO, in compliance with ISO 50001 Standards.
  • Sustainable energy savings: Canal de Isabel II has already reduced its energy consumption by over 15%, and its CO₂ emissions by over 10%.
  • Cost reductions: All the plants using EnMPRO have benefited from a reduction in costs of over 3%.


  • > 15% reduction in energy consumption
  • > 10% reduction in CO₂ emissions
  • > 3% plant costs reduction
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