Case Study

Detecting FOG Blockage Issues Real-Time in Kingsport, Tennessee

Eastech Flow Controls using iTrackers and cloud technology to detect FOG blockages in real-time in Kingsport, Tennessee.


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I&I Detection

Located in northeast Tennessee, Kingsport is a population of 54,000 people. Kingsport was reporting two separate issues in two regions, FOG (fat, oils, & grease) buildup in their business district where restaurants are located and inflow & infiltration in a residential area.


The problematic areas were separated into two individual study regions. Region 1 where (3) iTrackers were deployed to study FOG buildup in their business district at specified manhole locations. Simultaneously, Region 2 where (5) iTrackers were deployed to study I&I micro detection in a residential area at specified manhole locations.

All incoming data were analysed using Eastech’s cloud platform called Eastech Cloud.

Program Highlights

  • 8 iTrackers
  • 930,345 gallons measured
  • 16 day study


Region 1: FOG/Blockage Issues

Data collected did not indicate any significant level of increases in the minimum dry level pattern

Region 2: I&I Micro Detection

During the study period, three rain events occurred, which led to a significant and detectable increase in flow.  

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