Event Nov. 24, 2022

Digital Metering State of Play Webinar

A collaborative effort between SWAN, IWN, and WSAA covering strategy, current technologies, and the future status of digital metering in Australia.


Date: Nov. 24, 2022

Organisers: SWAN Smart Metering Group, IWN, WSAA

Access: View recording below.


Raghu Bharadwaj, Head of ICT Strategy, Portfolio, Yarra Valley Water & SWAN APAC Smart Metering Group Leader

Jacinta O’Connor, Digital Metering Program Manager, IWN

Kristy Drzewucki, Asset Program Advisor, WSAA


Digital metering offers many benefits to water corporations and their customers. They have been available for more than 20 years, and the benefits of digital meters are well documented, from improving operational efficiency to contributing to water security.

In this webinar, the panel of expert speakers will be leading a conversation encompassing all things digital metering from a technical, business case, operating model and the current state of play in our industry.

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