Case Study

Digitising the Sewer System in Ecuador

Guayaquil relies on Hubgrade to digitalise the sewer system and to analyse existing inflow-infiltration problems.


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I&I Detection

Over the last years, the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador has experienced an increase in the frequency of heavy rain events which challenge an outdated sewer system and create floods in the urban areas. Interagua, the utility company, has been working hard to reduce these problems, yet the lack of digitalisation and the age and complexity of the sewer system are delaying these works.


One of the main challenges of Interagua is to renovate and maintain the network with the right priority and in an effective way. The sewer system is experiencing inflow and infiltration (I&I) issues that accelerate the damage of the pipes and reduce the available hydraulic capacity. I&I is a common problem in sewer networks and can be generated by cracks and faulty connections.


In 2021, Veolia Water Technologies implemented the sewer module of Hubgrade Performance. The I&I feature of Veolia’s digital solution is a data-driven time series analysis based on any pump or flow data, splitting the flow into the following fractions: wastewater, constant infiltration (groundwater), indirect inflow and direct inflow.


  • Analysed levels of infiltration in the sewer network
  • Prioritised maintenance tasks per catchment area, reducing inspection time and improving work efficiency
  • Proactivity thanks to the alerts and the possibility of tracking improvements

Hubgrade Performance Sewer has helped us distribute better our tasks and goals…now we use the same amount or time (or even less) for taking decisions from the results already generated by SewerView.

– Adriana Estefania Valarezo, Project Manager
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