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Increasing Wet Weather Capture in Albany

90% wet weather flow reduction with Opti.


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CSO Monitoring

Beaver Creek District, the largest sewershed within the City of Albany’s combined collection system previously discharged over 530 million gallons/yr of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to the Hudson River (New York). The city invested in capital projects as part of its Long-Term Control Plan to address its CSO and flash flooding issues, and mitigate property damage and potential safety hazards.

The City of Albany’s journey toward a resilient sewershed

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Improve Public Safety
  • Enhance Existing Infrastructure
  • Optimise New Infrastructure
  • Smart Watershed Network Management

To maximise the benefits of those investments and optimise the performance of new infrastructure, the City’s Department of Water and Water Supply has implemented a smart network utilising the Opti Platform and products across the Beaver Creek Sewershed. Opti’s advanced technology integrates with multiple platforms, SCADA systems, and applications to extend your networks and capabilities for an efficient, smart watershed network.

These integrations provide operators with peace of mind by consolidating data and streamlining operations and maintenance of assets outside the fence. The use of Opti’s digital solutions for data-driven stormwater management has helped Albany protect people, property, and environment while meeting regulatory compliance

Opti technology helps us identify existing conditions and develop strategies to adapt to a changing environment.

– Joseph E. Coffrey, Jr., P.E. Commissioner, Department of Water & Wastewater
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