Member Spotlight

Perina Bridgmohan, Associate Director – Optimisation & Management – Talbot

Founded in 1989, Talbot has evolved into a highly progressive organisation whose driving force is to lead and accelerate the transition to sustainable water and water resilience. We focus on understanding our clients’ specific challenges – water scarcity, water security and cost escalations – and how these will impact on their business performance and reputation. This drives our engineers, scientists, and technicians to find better solutions for the design, implementation, construction and management of sustainable water solutions. Having emerged in an area where water scarcity and supply disruption is the norm, we have assisted hundreds of water-intensive clients to improve their water resilience and reduce their demand on limited resources.

For over 30 years, we’ve been passionate about our planet’s most precious resource, activating the transition to sustainable water. Our engineers, scientists, and technicians are driven to find better solutions for the design, implementation, construction and management of sustainable water solutions. The way we see it, our work will be better only if the way we think is better. The answer is in innovation. This is the art of water.

What is your main driver in supporting utilities in their wastewater processes?

We support and manage water across their site, from source, production, utilities and discharge. Talbot provides solutions for our clients that support their drivers which in many cases is centered around cost saving. We become our clients’ partners and develop a long term relationship. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients have a sustainable way to manage their water whether it be through compliance, water security, water recovery. We look for solutions that could make them water independent or provide solutions for water security.

Talbot recently scored a 100% on three independent wastewater plant audits at three different sites they operate. What lessons can you share with utilities working to achieve environmental compliance?

Talbot operates and maintains water and wastewater plants for their clients. The services includes total water management and operations of the plants on our client’s sites. As a result Talbot must comply with health, safety and environmental requirements while operating on our clients’ sites. When our client facilities get audited by external parties this also includes the audit on the plants we operate. In order to comply, we at Talbot make sure they are up to date with compliance and documentation. This involves us being proactive and ensuring that our health, safety and environmental documentation is always kept up to date.

Our Site Project Managers, Supervisors, and site team deserve kudos as they play a big part in ensuring that the site is compliant. We have been working on this plant for seven years with an extension on the contract being granted for a further 3 years. Talbot’s responsibility is to manage wastewater before it is discharged to the municipality. We have saved clients millions by ensuring compliance

Working in emerging markets, what are some unique challenges you have faced in your work? How has developing strong partnerships helped you to overcome these challenges?

Like in most service delivery/providers, you are up against competitors, cost sensitivity by clients and having to work towards gaining your client’s trust.

All of the above can most definitely be overcome by developing a strong and solid relationship with clients. We are living proof of that with having some of our longer standing contracts going on for over 25 years. The key is transparency, communication. building a trusted relationship and delivering what you say you will. These are some of the points that I myself strive to achieve with our clients. Developing strong client relationships is my passion and knowing they are getting a world class service from Talbot is key motivator and driver for me.

What advice can you share with young women aspiring to work in the water sector?

The water sector is one of the most exciting spaces to be in currently since the opportunities to make a difference in the space are immense. It is also great to see that women are being respected in the water sector and I am seeing more and more women in the boardroom being a part of this sector, which is truly inspiring.