RiSWP Ambassadors

Become a Smart Water Leader of Tomorrow

The RiSWP Ambassador Programme aims to equip emerging smart water professionals with knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities through mentoring and educational content. RiSWP Ambassadors serve as an extension of the RiSWP Leadership Team and support RiSWP engagement activities.

Become a RiSWP Ambassador

Open to SWAN Members, there are many ways to maximise your experience and actively contribute to the growing smart water community:

  • Lead RiSWP activities, including Mentorship Series, a regional event, or research.
  • Contribute to important smart water discussions in SWAN and RiSWP events.
  • Create and share smart water content across SWAN social media platforms.
  • Commit to learning alongside and collaborating with fellow RiSWP Ambassadors.

Meet our 2023-2024 RiSWP Ambassadors

Hear from Ambassadors

“I am so glad to be part of RiSWP, the group has offered way more than what I expected. I benefited from the network, connections, supportive and intellectual conversations.”

-Kim Wu, Senior Water Technology Market Analyst – BlueTech Research

“Being a RiSWP Ambassador has provided me many opportunities to meet people, including government officials. This has given me significant leverage in my career and networking as I am connecting with people within the diverse water community.”

-Helen Barbosa, Student – Cape Verde

View RiSWP Ambassador Presentations

Thibault Moreels: The SWAN Layers 2.0

Philipp Grünler: PLCs in the Water Sector

Madeline Crisp: Pump Efficiency and Condition Maintenance

Tim Medearis: SCADA

Ahmed Iqbal: Cloud Computing

Ana Rita Catarino: Dashboards

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