Event October 6, 2022

RiSWP Workshop: Building Hydraulic Models

Online Hydraulic Network Models API: A programming perspective using macros in Excel


October 6, 2022

Venue: Digital

Organiser: RiSWP

Access: Open (view recording below)

Facilitated by: Idel Montalvo PhD, Founder & CEO, Ingeniousware GmbH

Learn more about Idel’s impressive background here.

This Workshop focused on how to manage/extend these functionalities from a programming point of view using macros in MS Excel. Attendees learned to use a web API to access hydraulic models, measurements and network analysis functionalities.


  • Creating hydraulic network models from a browser
  • Connecting hydraulic models with online measurements
  • Web API advantages for managing online hydraulic models
  • Computer programming for engineers, where to go from here
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