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Satellite Leak Detection in Brussels

Belgian utility, VIVAQUA adopts Asterra satellite leak detection pre-location program to reduce non-revenue water.


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Founded in 1891, VIVAQUA has become one of the largest water companies in Belgium. It is a fully public company whose activities encompass the production and distribution of drinking water, the management of sewer networks and flood control. VIVAQUA serves the 19 municipalities of Brussels and sells water to water operators in the Flemish and Walloon Regions. VIVAQUA supplies an average of 360,000 m³ of drinking water every day. The city of Brussels is the largest municipality, historical center and capital of Belgium as well as the administrative center of the EU.


In 2019, VIVAQUA set a goal to reduce non-revenue water to 10% by 2024. DMA’s will be increased from 47 to 70 during this time period and the ASTERRA satellite leak detection pre-location program was deployed. VIVAQUA has 2,378 km of pipelines and a leak detection staff of 7 persons.

The traditional method deployed by VIVAQUA is a street-by-street inspection using 3 crew members. Approximately 750 km of pipe can be inspected per year thus requiring 3-4 years to inspect the entire system.


ASTERRA performed two services in 2021; 380 km of pipe in February and 800 km of pipe in September – November. A total of 119 leaks were found during these two services in 59 crew days of inspection.


  • One leak found per 1.1 km of pipe inspected
  • More than 3x as many leaks are found per km inspected
  • Approximately half the labor hours to find a leak using the ASTERRA pre-location services
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