Past SWAN Americas Call Recaps

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Research Group

November 2022: Data Democratization and Cybersecurity featuring Halifax Water, DC Water, and AVEVA.

September 2022: Focus on data literacy featuring Coliban Water (Australia).

June 2022: Panel discussion on how utilities organize for digital innovation featuring Brown and Caldwell, the Environmental Policy Innovation Center, and Bluefield Research.

March 2022: Energy management trends and solutions featuring Aquasight, Specific Energy, and Veolia.

January 2022: US Infrastructure Act and its implications for smart water investment featuring Innovyze, Kennedy Jenks, and Bluefield Research.


Partnership Group

August 2022: Accelerating water innovation in Canada featuring Foresight

June 2022: Environmental Monitoring (Dams, Lakes, Rivers) in Idaho featuring the Idaho Water District 63 and Cisco.

April 2022: Leveraging data to drive public-private partnerships featuring the California Data Collaborative and the Environmental Policy Innovation Center.

February 2022: The intersection of sustainability and smart water featuring Metro Vancouver.

Outreach Group

 July 2022: Communicating about climate-change events featuring AWS Water.

May 2022: When PR and utilities start dating featuring Mission Impact, LLC.

March 2022: One water and customer segmentation of data featuring EPCOR

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