Event July 11, 2023

APAC Webinar – Harnessing AI for Effective Decision-Making in Smart Water

Hear real-world case studies that highlight the practical applications of AI in the smart water sector.


July 11, 2023

Venue: Digital

Access: Open to Members (view the recording and slides below).

This webinar explored the transformative power of AI technologies in revolutionising the way we monitor, analyse, and optimise water-related processes in the water sector.


  • Dr Genevieve Hayes, Director (Genevieve Hayes Consulting) & Lecturer (University of Melbourne)
  • Javier Cantu, Senior Product Manager –  Operational Analytics and AI, (Autodesk)
  • Mudasser Iqbal, Founder & CEO (TeamSolve)
  • David Moore, Manager Network Improvement Programme (Watercare)
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