RiSWP Ambassadors

Smart Water Leaders of Tomorrow

The RiSWP Ambassador programme is a leadership programme for early career professionals and students interested in the smart water, wastewater and stormwater sector. The program aims to equip emerging smart water professionals with knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities through mentoring and educational content. RiSWP Ambassadors serve as an extension of the RiSWP Leadership Team and support RiSWP engagement activities.

How to become an active RiSWP Ambassador

There are many ways to get the most out of the experience and contribute to the growing smart water community:

  • Actively participate in and lead RiSWP activities, including mentorship series
  • Contribute to smart water discussions in SWAN and RiSWP events
  • Create and share content on smart water across SWAN social media platforms
  • Commit to learning alongside and collaborating with fellow RiSWP Ambassadors

    Get to know the first cohort of RiSWP Ambassadors

    If you are under the age of 35 and interested in the digitalisation sector, this is your opportunity to formalise your involvement in the smart water sector and connect with global smart water enthusiasts.

    What the Ambassadors Have to Say

    “I am so glad to be part of RiSWP, the group has offered way more than what I expected. The network, connections, supportive and intellectual conversations…I only wish I got stuck in a bit more from the very beginning.”

    – Kim Wu,  Water Technology Research Analyst, UK

    “Being a SWAN RiSWP Ambassador has given me many opportunities to meet people, including government officials. Being part of this community has given me significant leverage in my career and networking as I am connecting with people within the diverse water community.”

    -Helen Barbosa, Student, Cape Verde


    Applications for the next cohort launch December 1, 2022. Stay tuned for more details!

    Have any questions about the RiSWP Ambassador Program? Drop us a line!