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Informative and insightful resources to help students and young professionals navigate their career development in smart water.

Thank you for visiting the Rising Smart Water Professionals (RiSWP) Career Portal. Here you will find links sourced by young water professionals around the world to help guide the job search for those interested in smart water and the future of the water sector.

**Please note: this is a non-exhaustive list and some of these courses have associated costs**

Finding & Applying to Smart Water Jobs

Courses & Upskilling

  • The Smart Water Show by Badger Meter: short videos on smart water topics and technologies.
  • Kaggle: mentioned by Riccardo Taormina (Co-Director of AidroLab) in the 5th RiSWP Mentorship Episode, for those with coding experience to participate in global, open source competitions.
  • Cisco Networking Academy: as described by Sielen Namdar (Global Water Leader at Cisco) in the 4th RiSWP Mentorship Episode.
  • Hatari Labs: courses in water resources and modelling
  • Catchafire: skills-based volunteering
  • Water Programming: research blog
  • ECSTATIC Repository: water resources systems analysis materials
  • IWA Learn: short-term and self-paced courses, and online webinars

Networking & Community

Additional Resources

  • SWAN Member Spotlights: Interviews with leading smart water professionals
  • 21st Century Water: A podcast series by SWAN Member Aquasight’s founder, Mahesh Lunani
  • The Stream: A podcast about all things water featuring Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg
  • Recommended Book: Deep Work – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport


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RiSWP Mentor Series:
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RiSWP Workshop:
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Any resources we missed? Share your favourites with us!