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Rising Smart Water Professionals (RiSWP)

Creating clear and relevant pathways for students and young professionals to enter the smart water sector and advance their careers

RiSWP Structure:

Conceptualised in 2019, ​​SWAN’s Rising Smart Water Professional (RiSWP), is an official affiliate of SWAN. Free for all to join, RiSWP is a group of students and young professionals passionate about connecting smart, data-driven solutions to pressing smart water challenges. 

For water networks to become “smart,” there is an urgent need to ensure that water professionals develop the necessary digital skills. Young professionals can play an instrumental role in owning and driving the process of digitisation in the smart water sector. By further refining their skills, including capacity development focused on data science, systems thinking, and working with multi-disciplinary teams and global experts, RiSWPers will be better positioned to play an active role in accelerating the smart water sector. 

Guided by an agile governance model, RiSWP’s central pillars of activity include:

(1) Career Development Programme – Access RiSWP Career Portal for links to valuable resources to fuel your career development.

(2) Mentorship Programme – View our Mentorship Series to tap into advice from leading, global smart water professionals from across the public, private and civil society sectors. 

(3) Ambassador Programme RiSWP’s leadership initiative for early career professionals and students interested in the smart water, wastewater and stormwater sector. 

Want to learn more? Check out the 2021 – 2025 RiSWP Strategic Plan

Stay on top of career advice, job postings, and relevant smart water news!

Have questions about RiSWP or becoming a SWAN Member?
Contact: Sandy Moskovitz, 

Past Events:

RiSWP Mentorship Series:
“Unlocking the Potential of Your Water Data”

RiSWP Workshop:
“Crafting the Perfect Splash”

Access all past RiSWP events through our YouTube channel.

RiSWP Leadership Team

Jade Pereira
US (Chair)
Boitumelo Matshediso
South Africa
Vito Gironda
Madeleine Crisp
Anglian Water