Community of Practice: Start-Ups

Supporting SWAN Start-Up Members to learn and grow together

CoP Structure:

A closed forum for SWAN Start-Up Members to share challenges and successes to provide support for growth. Members will be divided into small cohorts of 6-8 global executives with monthly calls led by a cohort leader. Full group quarterly calls will share key lessons and best practices to be disseminated with the wider SWAN ecosystem, notably showcasing the innovation and power of the smart water start-up community.

“There’s no better place for water startups to collaborate with one another in regular, small group settings. The caliber of participants is top notch!”

– Adam Tank, Chief Customer Officer, Transcend

“I absolutely love being in the Start-Up CoP! The start-up environment & mindset is unique. The cohort style of community means that we are able to share our ideas & challenges with other start-up team members. For me, this has created a really strong support network and feedback loop.”

– Amanda Siqueira, Co-Founder & CEO, VAPAR

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October 26, 2023
Start-Ups: Maximising Your Industry Events ROI

Make the most of your marketing budget!

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Cohort Leaders:

Adam Tank, Chief Customer Officer (Transcend)

Guy Cohen, Chief Product Officer (Kando)

Michael Gardner, CEO (Aqaix)

Idel Montalvo PhD, Founder & CEO (Ingeniousware GmbH)

Amanda Siqueira, Co-Founder & CEO (VAPAR)

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