SWAN Americas Alliance

Accelerating smart water from North to South America through the SWAN Forum’s collective industry expertise and collaborative partnerships. 

Alliance Structure:

Established in 2015, the SWAN Americas Alliance is home to diverse utility and industry thought leaders shaping the smart water sector across the Americas. Open exclusively to SWAN Members, this Alliance provides ample opportunities to attend regional calls, workshops and webinars, as well as learn, network and collaborate with fellow regional Members.

The Americas Alliance is volunteer-led and guided by the Alliance Planning Group. Each Subgroup (Outreach, Events, Research and Partnerships). Learn more about the Alliance leadership and how to actively participate by scrolling below.

Alliance Leaders:

Chair: Gary Wong, Principal of Global Water Industry (AVEVA)

Outreach Group: Becca Emery, Business Development Manager (KISTERS) and Aditya Ramamurthy, Director Utility Management (Kennedy Jenks)

Events Group: Alexander Bodulow, Mechanical Engineering Associate (LADWP) & Brendt Thompson, General Manager, US (s::can Messtechnik GmbH)

Research Group: Eric Bindler, Research Director of Digital Water (Bluefield Research)

Partnerships Group: Sielen Namdar, Industry Executive | Global Sustainability Lead for Industries (Cisco)

Learn more about each subgroup.

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SWAN Americas Webinar:
“Data Optimization – From Bridging Silos To Quantifying Outcomes”

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“Smart Water in the New Decade”

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SWAN Americas 14th Webinar – Funding Smart Water