Community of Practice: Data-as-a-Service

Advancing the DaaS business model to transform how smart water utilities gather, share, and analyse data on demand.

What is DaaS?

DaaS is an innovative business model transforming the way organisations gather, share and interpret data by accessing data on demand.

DaaS can be characterised as a framework for designing and developing a set of reusable data services. In recent years, DaaS has gained considerable momentum as enterprises across all sectors are moving towards a service-orientated architecture. In essence, DaaS enables users to only pay for the final outcome they wish to receive instead of purchasing and maintaining the equipment themselves.

CoP Structure:

Due to its growth in popularity amongst utilities and our membership, SWAN launched the first Community of Practice (CoP) focused on DaaS towards the end of 2020. Through highly engaging and collaborating quarterly calls, global SWAN Members co-develop objectives and discuss various facets of this emerging theme, from definitions to applicable use cases across the smart water sector. Learn more about these calls below.

CoP Leadership:  

Meena Sankaran, Founder & CEO (KETOS)

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